UPDATE on Las Diosas and La Fem

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A report directly from the women of Las Diosas


We would like to  communicate that the  women send you many greetings wishing the best to all the people there that support us.

For  the women  here it is with a lot of courage that we go forward  with coffee and other items as two cooperatives are more cultivating organic chia –  and although it is a new category — we  are excited because it will serve as an income that would favor the earnings of women as the coffee crisis does not seem to be  finish ed and  has appeared again in the coffee plantations and hence the women are struggling to do everything that is available to assist their livings  better than the coffee that  has been the main income for a long time in the economy of women and their families.

Since last year with  On The Ground’s financial  support –  and all the people there in  Madison  supporting the   Women — these actions have been taken in order to give better assistance  to their   coffee plots  and to more generally  counter this crisis, spreading manure and biofertilizer that have been distributed to cooperatives, holding workshops on the development of several products help control diseases in coffee.

The products were developed for facilitating workshops were:

- Organic fertilizer type bocashi

- Biofertilizante

- Caldo sulfo-calcium.

- Mineral broth.

- MM liquid

- MM solid

- Adherent organic aloe vera.

- I nsect controller prepared with chilli, onion and garlic.

- Caldo Bordales

- Trap bit based alcohol and coffee.

- Insect trap based floral freshener and water

- Production of organic fertilizer.

We also purchased:

- 50 KG of Copper Sulfate



- 2 5 KG BORAX


- 62 KG CAL Oxide

- 19 120 Lt plastic barrel lid with ring

  – 25 cans of 20 liters (Cover Large Development of biofertilizer )

This has produced 1200 liters of bio-fertilizer in the business of organic fertilizer and 600 liters in the rural communities for a total of 1800 liters.

For now we have the coffee 70.0000 nursery plants of different varieties as are Red Catuaí, Java, and GEISHA which produce high quality coffee varieties resistant to rust as Parainema, Icatu. These plants will be distributed next week that would be given credit in the manner which correspond s  to 38,000 plants to  be covered with first disbursement  you  have already sent us (Capital seed found ) would be to renew 10.58 acres of coffee. This of course is  after the credit committee’s examination of applications according to the credit policy of the center include it for a period of four years without interests.

We know we have many actions to be taken such as the technical assistance monitoring the nursery, delivery of organic fertilizers, application monitoring biofertilizer among others. This is how we intend to use the first disbursement of seed money sent to us, but we remain vigilant to make every effort to productivity and quality coffee produced either with the best possible result.

On behalf of organized women in the  FEM  and  Las Diosas , send many greetings to the people in Just Coffee, On The Ground, and all there who believe in our strength and support us  to face these  difficult situations, as always we hope to succeed.

Wishing that information serves to inform all helpful people and know that always go ahead with healthy energies,

Las Diosas .

Chelsea Bay DennisUPDATE on Las Diosas and La Fem