Summer Update!

Dear friends and supporters of Connected By Coffee,

We’re really excited to give you an update about our progress. Thanks to your help the documentary continues to move closer to completion.

We aim to release it to the world in January, 2014, exactly one year after our journey began! We plan to use the entire year of 2014 to spread the film wide and far though film festivals, DVDs, online streaming and public and private screenings at theaters, schools, places of worship, cafes, movies in the park- you name it!

The principle filming is complete. We started the endeavour in Mexico and it has led us to Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and then into North America, where we’ve met with coffee and trade experts in Boston at the Specialty Coffee Association of America Annual Symposium (SCAA), then to Raleigh, North Carolina at the Fair Trade Federation conference, and to Chicago where we spoke about the film and made connections at the Green Festival.

Dozens of interviews have been translated and transcribed and they fill a giant production binder. Now we are deep in the post-production phase as we work off of our script outline to finish the “paper edit” of the film, before locking ourselves in the editing room to make the rough cut, revisions, fine cut and then final cut!

We did not make our fundraising goal with kickstarter this spring. But, the attention from the Kickstarter campaign has led to many great connections. And we’re really happy to announce a new major sponsor: Catholic Relief Services! You can see a list of all our organization sponsors here.

So far many generous individuals and organizations have helped us raise $10,000 of our $30,000 budget. This will help cover some of the costs of the film, but certainly not all of them. We could still use your help! It is quick and easy to to make a donations here. No matter how big or small it will help support our project.

These funds help our cover the multitude of costs, from travel to translation, transcribing, distribution, and supporting our team’s labor.

One of our biggest goals with Connected By Coffee, is to educate a mass audience about the real story behind coffee, and how connected we are to one another around the world; from farmers, roasters, importers, to coffee drinkers. We want to distribute the film as wide and far as possible. Part of that plan is to have it available to stream online or download through Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon. That’s where many folks watch movies these days, and we want this to reach them where they are. Combined with film festival applications, the distribution can be expensive- but very much worth it. Would you consider donating to CBC to reach another $5000 goal to make this portion happen?

We are so grateful to everyone who gave us their time and wisdom to interview and contribute to the whole story. Here is a short list of the voices that contributed:

Maya Vinik Cooperative farmer members, Chiapas Mexico
CCDA Cooperative farmer members, Guatemala
Las Marias 93 Cooperative farmer members, El Savador
La Fem Cooperative farmer members, Nicaragua
Chris Treter, Coffee roaster owner, Higher Grounds Trading Company
Matt Earley, Coffee roaster founder, Just Coffee Cooperative
Jonathan Rosenthal, Executive director of Cooperative Coffees, and one of the original founder of Equal Exchange
Rodney North, Equal Exchange
Monika Firl, Cooperative Coffees
Paul Rice, Fair Trade USA
Dana Geffner and Kerstin Lindgren, Fair World Project
Renee Bowers, Fair Trade Federation
Amy Louis and Elizabeth Goldblatt , Six Degrees Coffee
Jerónimo Pruijn, FUNDEPPO/Small Producers´ Symbol,
Kim Moore, Thanksgiving Coffee
Nicholas Hoskyns, Etico
Lee Byers, Fair Trade International
Alex Morgan, Rainforest Alliance
Jocelyn Boreta, Global Exchange
Tadesse Meskela, Oromia Coffee

Our team just expanded! We’re really excited to bring the talented Andy Case on board at Stone Hut Studios, as a full-time Associate Producer. He’s going to be involved in all phases of our work, and with Connected By Coffee he’ll be actively involved in the post-production. You can read more about our growing team here.

Simply put, we create films and videos that are intended to help humanity in some way. We want our efforts to go towards supporting good causes, whether that be education, environment, social justice, etc. We want our projects to promote positive change, but also be entertaining, fun and useful. Our projects range from very short videos to feature length films. We are involved with all stages of a film – pre-production, production and post-production. One of our expanding specialties is time-lapses and motion-controlled time-lapses.

More info and updates about Stone Hut Studios can be found at our website and facebook page.

That’s it for now! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We can be reached at

In Gratitude,

Aaron and Chelsea Dennis

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