Connected by Coffee

Without farmers, there is no coffee. Yet most coffee growers live in dire poverty.

In January of 2013, two North American coffee roasters set out with a small film crew on a 1000 mile journey across Central America. On the way they met with soldiers who had become growers, women who now own their own farms, and countless communities using coffee as a tool to create social change.

These growers are forging new ways of working together – cooperatively farming their land and managing their businesses. And these co-ops are partnering with visionary coffee roasters and consumers in the North who believe in a fairer way of doing business.

Yet while Fair Trade and ethical consumerism continue to grow, this growth raises as many questions as it does answers. To truly understand the subject, we must look at the historical injustices of global politics and international trade.

5% of all proceeds directly to the 4 coffee cooperatives featured in this film towards COFFEE RUST relief. “La Roya”: a fungus that causes significant damage to coffee plants. It strips them of their leaves, leaving them without nutrients, and ultimately inhibits them from bearing fruit.